#Precious Plastic

Extrusion Machine

KIT Extruder



  • Length: 790mm

  • Feed zone channel depth: 6mm

  • Compression ratio: 3:1

  • Output: 0.1-5kg/h

  • Recommended Speed: 21 RPM

  • Material: SKD61 vacuum quenching

Without keyway at the end.

Recommended Motor: 250W Gear Induction Motor


  • Length: 710mm

  • OD: 50mm

  • Screw thread at the end: M45*2 Left Hand

  • Without Flange.

  • Material: 38CrMoAl nitrided

Nozzle: 1.75mm or 3mm

EUR 390.00

(Please ask for stock availability)

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HeatherBand D35x35mm170W

20 EUR

HeatherBand D35x40mm135W

19 EUR

Only Extruder Screw 600mm

220 EUR

Only Barrel

170 EUR

PID Temperature Controller

28 EUR

Plum Shaft Coupling

22 EUR